Endowment Distribution



The Catholic Foundation utilizes DonorCentral to accept distribution requests from your ministry’s endowment fund(s). This is the same portal you use to access fund statements and balances. The Catholic Foundation Board of Trustees will offer beneficiaries access up to 5% of the preceding 12-quarter average balance and/or other terms in accordance with each fund’s agreement.

Here is what YOU do if you are the representative for an Endowment Fund:

  • Login to DonorCentral
  • To request funds after logging in, go to the search bar labeled “Find” and type in the name of your endowment (a list of all endowments should drop down after clicking into the search bar). Select the endowment from which you would like to request a distribution.
  • After selecting the endowment, you will see the name of the endowment below the search bar. Below the endowment name you will see “Spendable balance” this is the maximum distribution available from the endowment. Funds in which the principle balance is restricted and lower than the available distribution amount will show a zero balance and no distribution will be made from those funds this year.
  • Click on the blue “Recommend a grant” button to the right of the name of the endowment. From there a pop-up menu will ask you to select the recipient (this should be your organization), the fund (this should be the endowment you just selected), and the grant amount (this should be, at a maximum, the “Spendable balance”)

If you are not the fund representative but want to know more about you can be part of the annual distribution, contact our Development Department to set up your endowment fund today.

If you have any questions or concerns contact Dan Kurth, Director of Grants, at 614-443-8893.

Click HERE for screen shots with a detailed description on how to make your endowment requests.

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