Information & Eligibility

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Pillars of focus for grant opportunities

Parish Life
Addressing the capital and infrastructure needs of the diocesan parishes

Catholic Education & Faith Formation
Addressing the capital, education, evangelization and faith formation needs of the faithful

Social Service
Addressing the needs of the marginalized in the parish communities

Addressing the need for Holy Orders, the call to religious life and marriage

Types of Grants

Eligibility for scholarships is determined by the criteria established for each scholarship fund. To learn more about the Foundation’s existing scholarship funds, visit the Scholarship page.

Special Granting Opportunities
From time to time, The Catholic Foundation awards grants for special opportunities, such as conferences or other programs, when discretionary dollars are available. Eligibility is determined based on the special grant initiative. To learn more about current grant opportunities, visit the Special Granting Opportunities page.

Endowment Distribution
Only designated endowment beneficiaries may request an annual distribution from the fund(s) each spring.

Responsive Grants
Each fall, The Catholic Foundation solicits applications and awards grants annually within the 23-county Diocese of Columbus, Ohio, to the following organizations:

  • Parishes – can apply to Parish Life, Catholic Education & Faith Formation, and Social Service Pillars
  • Catholic Schools – can apply to Catholic Education & Faith Formation Pillar
  • Invited Religious Orders – can apply to Vocations Pillar
  • Invited Non-profit Organizations within the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio – can apply to Social Service Pillar

For complete details on responsive grant eligibility, types of projects accepted by pillar, funding opportunities and application requirements, please read the Grant Guidelines.

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